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 Evening, Im Metal Cowboy

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Metal Cowboy


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PostSubject: Evening, Im Metal Cowboy   Fri Apr 02, 2010 6:20 am

My name is Metal Cowboy.
Yo Douglas
I am a professional bull rider. I also ride rough stock.
You may also see me as a commentator for ESPN's rodeo broadcasts.
Although, she will not acknowledge me, I travel the same circuits as our moderator. We have been employed in rodeo most of our lives. Except, she is treated differently than most cowboys because it's easier and in the long run cost effective for the board officials to give her what she wants than fight with someone who won't back down.

I have a ranch in the Santa Cruz mountains where I raise bucking horses for pro rodeo. Iam a graduate of Cal Poly.
Orginally from San Francisco, Ca.
I play guitar.
I hang out in my free time and enjoy San Francisco's music scene.
I am single, tall ,good looking and I love to have a good time.
I have a huge crush on our moderator . If any of you know her personally, hook me up with her and I'll make it worth your while.
I saw Douglas play at the Whisky a couple of years ago. He was the show.

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Evening, Im Metal Cowboy
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