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 Miles away from California....greetings from Berlin

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PostSubject: Miles away from California....greetings from Berlin   Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:03 am

Hi everyone,

signin' in here to tell you somethin' about myself ....

* I am into Rock'n Roll music more than 20 years and also a huge animal lover and rescuer.

* Every free minute I look after my ferrets (9 at the moment) and work for free in a shelter.

* My partner is a headbanger and we live (unmarried lol! ) together since 18 years.

* In 1988 my decision was to become a vegetarian and guess what -> still alive and kickin' bounce

* My hobbies are goin' to concerts, standing in the 1st row, taking tons of pics there (my friends say the
camera is implated to my head), collecting teddybears and Rock'n Roll memorabilia -> we have a room
called "The Holy Gral" Wink, meetin'/hangin' around with friends, drinkin' a lot of coffee, sunshine & flowers
watchin' TV series like CSI ("Who are you" is also one of my fave songs), Law & Order, Criminal Intent.

* Unfortunately I don't play an instrument

* I am still into Glam Metal times -> Steelpanther, pls come to Germany jocolor

* I've seen Nick (from the beginning in 1991) with Doro approx. 10 times in Germany and for me he's a
real animal on stage and it's really great to see him acting. Goose pimples when it goes to "All we are" !
A lot of people think that I'm to old for stayin' in the 1st row but that's Lif(v)e and I enjoy this.

* Some of my relatives live in Dallas & El Paso and I've been there twice and love it a lot sunny

* I could laugh about myself

* I hate cruelty against animals, jealous and bigheaded people, people who are not in time, my thin hair &
pale teint.

Hope this hasn't boring you; be patient, my english isn't perfect. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

I'll sleep when I'm dead cheers

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PostSubject: Re: Miles away from California....greetings from Berlin   Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:03 pm

Welcome my dearest Simone !
Thank you for introducing yourself.
It's perfect !
Make yourself at home, and visit as often as you like, you're always welcome.

I love nick


You shut your mouth when your talking to me
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Miles away from California....greetings from Berlin
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