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 Greeting's from California

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PostSubject: Greeting's from California   Greeting's from California I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 26, 2010 5:03 am

Greeting's from California 91358812
This is how I roll.....

Hi Everyone,
I'm Roxanne from California.
Here's some things about me:
I like the smell of puppy breath and puppy kisses
I love candy
I love I've never had a cavity..... even with all the candy I eat
I love that 'cake" is my drug of choice
I love my iPod..( I don't know how I ever lived without one)
I love getting 'captcha' correct the first time
I like drinking from a hose
I love rock n roll
I love that my vices don't control me, however enjoyable they may be
I like being semi- tolerant of intolerance
I love animals, many, as in to damn many !
I love having hope
I love I can use tools
I like that I am usually on time
I love my memories
I love meeting like-minded people
I love left handers
I like that I can color within the lines
I love rain
I love when cats purr
I love my Nick Douglas portrait tat..It's hot!
I like that I am able to read a road map
I love having tomorrows
I love laughing out loud
I love understanding a little instead of misunderstanding a lot
I love stained glass windows
I loathe that I may have more past than future
I love: my drinking water cold, weather warm, margarita's frozen and men hot
I loathe excuses rather than apologies
I like to think pushing my luck is adequate exercise
I loathe standing in long lines
I love having common sense
I like thinking there’s good in everyone
I like that I survived the 80's with no visible signs of brain damage
I loathe forgetting where I parked, GPS systems rock
I like having ideas
I like having no idea
I like laughing at randomness
I love the original line up of the 80's metal band Deadly Blessing..Nick,Tom,Ski,Wayne,Tony
I love bass guitars
I love the first cup of coffee
I like being consistently inconsistent
I love handwritten letters
I love sharing a meal with friends
I love scented candles
I love believing there is hope
I love good conversation
I loathe the tradition of killing trees for Christmas joy
I love realizing things could be worse
I like that I can sing
I like bending the rules without breaking the law
I love painting my fingernails and toes
I love the Sun
I love to daydream
I like things neat
I like that I have a handle on most things
I loathe that most peoples' handle, broke off
I love Patchouli oil
I like that I don't require much emotional maintenance
I love having a good hair day
I love Jimmy Choo leather pumps
I love the smell of a BBQ in the air
I love going over the speed limit
I like that I don’t think out loud
I like to think if a man's not handsome he's at least handy
I love to hear an x-tra tall, long dark maned, brown eyed, handsome man, say my name
I like that I am amazed at talking birds
I loathe seeing a lost pet
I love my life
I love creative people
I love Nick Douglas and his music
I love the bass lines in 70's funk songs
I like learning
I loathe what I learn sometimes
I loathe ignorance
I like to think I am not indecisive, I think
I love wondering
I like wandering
I loathe worrying
I like pondering
I like most people
I love having no plans
I like to believe two wrongs don't make a right
I love knowing three rights make a left
I loathe the fact; growing old is inevitable
I love the thought; growing up is optional
I love going barefoot
I love random acts of kindness
I loathe random acts of stupidity
I love meeting new people
I like that some people's soul purpose is to serve as a warning to others
I loathe that there are homeless people
I like mysteries
I like I can name at least 1 of the 7 Wonders
I loathe people who can't convince me.... confuse me instead
I love the human spirit
I love when pens write right away
I like when things go right
I love good conversation
I like Chuck Taylor high top's
I loathe animal cruelty

Nobody expects you to write an entire book about yourself. ( This list was for a final in my self awareness class ) I thought it may give you some ideas. Think of it as quality time alone with Nick Douglas. Tell him whatever you want him to know about you ! : "Yo Nick"..........
You don't have to share your real name, But, please share something with us.
Thank you for sharing....

You shut your mouth when your talking to me

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Metal Cowboy

Metal Cowboy

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PostSubject: Re: Greeting's from California   Greeting's from California I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 02, 2010 6:37 am

Ha,ha,ha,ha This is how you roll. Thats your personal rig you own. Tell the truth when you really roll you have a custom 18 wheeler fit for a queen. And it cost you nothing for the season.
This is an impressive everyday rig you have. A few of the big guns in your arsenol together in the same trailer , is something we normally never see. Mitch is worth more than all the others in there and trailer added together. That horse puts fear in every cowboy. man, Id love to own that horse.
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Greeting's from California
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